prostep ivip´s activities: 100% conform to Antitrust Law

You are most likely having a discussion on antitrust as well in your organization or feeling its effects. You are though still willing to exchange with others, right..?

During the antitrust discussion in summer 2017, the prostep ivip Association has decided to engage a cartel lawyer and, in so doing, examine its activities and projects. The result of this investigation is a great opportunity for us to highlight that activities of the Association are  conform to antitrust law, and even fostering competition according to “EU guidelines on the applicability of Article 101 (cf. chapter 7).

The activities carried out by the prostep ivip Association improve the ability to communication and increase transparency. This in turn makes it easier for the individual companies to involve different market players, thus promoting competition, for example in the context of R&D. On the other hand, no influence is exerted on which products are developed and launched onto the market and which are not, or on how the products and services are designed.

prostep ivip develops standards to improve communication and openness. The association is active in a pre-competitive area, is neutral and provides access to standardization to all its members as well as to the engineering and manufacturing communities.

See also the declaration of prostep ivip e.V. on Antitrust Law.

Demonstrating the Digital Twin

Synced Factory Twins Demonstrator at Symposium

After intense work in prostep ivip’s project Synced Factory Twins (SFT), representatives of Business Operation Systems and Delta Management presented the elaborated demonstrator.
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JT: Digital Transformation Enabler

Second prostep ivip jt day

What a day! 180 experts and decision makers followed prostep ivip’s invitation, received information about status and strategies with regard to the industrial application of JT and where deeply impressed.

Right at the opening of Rudolf Dotzauer from Continental and Dr. Sebastian Handschuh from Daimler, the two chairs of the prostep ivip / VDA projects JT Workflow Forum, JT Implementor Forum and JT Benchmark, it was clear to everybody, that this event will have signaling character. JT is in productive application. Far more than 300 million JT-Files are managed in productive applications. And in collaborative scenarios approximately 75% of all 3D-data could be exchanged via JT. But that’s not the end of the road, that’s just the beginning, as the three keynote speakers stressed.

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Vehicle Electrics is a Key Player!

prostep ivip vec day

Today, for the fifth time the ProSTEP iViP / VDA VEC Day took place as an integral part of the annual Bordnetz-Kongress. Up to 70 participants listened to presentations from industry and IT representatives and realized that the new mobility concepts and the increase in products complexity require a shift toward model-driven vehicle electrics engineering, smart collaboration, information flows and data coherency.

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Ready for Openness

Survey: Industrial Readiness for Openness

At the prostep ivip symposium 2016 Helmut Schütt, CIO Commercial Vehicles Trucks Buses & Vans at Daimler, made it pretty clear:

No one can live shut off from the rest of the world any more. Openness is crucial. We expect genuinely open systems because we must be able to integrate components from different vendors on the basis of open standards.

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